We have two customers. The Home Buyer and You. We believe we should put just as much money and effort into helping you as we do the home buyer.

Below is a list of resources we have developed specifically for you. If you have a pain point in your business, we want to solve it. Let us know if you think of anything else you struggle with and we will find a way to fix it.


  • Full time TC for your real estate transactions– Your job is to find business, not do paperwork.
  • Full time photographer for your listings– No more $200 listing photo costs out of your pocket
  • Yearly client follow-up on your behalf
  • Monthly follow-up with past clients. We will send an automated monthly CMA to your past clients on your behalf, with your picture and information front and center.
  • Proprietary software that automatically updates you every step of the way – It will notify you when we submit the loan, order appraisal, receive appraisal, etc.

Our Promise to You

  • 3 week closing guarantee
  • Same day Pre-Approvals
  • Your own portal to view live progress of files
  • We pay per diem if escrow closes late for reasons within our control
  • Extremely competitive rates and fees
  • Weekly phone communication on all files in process

By using economies of scale, it becomes much cheaper for everyone involved. Call us for more details.