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Kendra Chilbert

Kendra Chilbert

Brand Support Specialist

Kendra grew up in Washington State but when looking for a University she decided to hop over the border to Idaho and got her degree at the University of Idaho. It was in doing that, that she fell in love with the little town of Moscow, Idaho. The unique community provided the perfect balance between the small-town community with big city entertainment and when deciding where to raise her two kiddos she knew she had found the perfect place. 


Kendra was able to focus her love for the community starting in 2015 while working at the Moscow Chamber of Commerce as the Events and Communications Coordinator. It was there that she started focusing on event planning and marketing and has implemented those skills when she joined The A-Team in the Fall of 2021. When Kendra has free time you will find her with her family, camping, fishing, rafting, and skiing. Pretty much using any excuse to be outside.

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